Thursday, 31 March 2011



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You annoy me like an itch that made me twitch
And like my older brother Mitch, who was a snitch.
Probably lying in a ditch somewhere so I thought.

You annoy me like an accidental snort that I caught of an escort
Who had a wart that looked like a chestnut.

You annoy me like a badly done hair cut that resembles that dirty mutt
that is a pain in the butt.

You annoy me like a loud snore that came from a bore,  
I ate raw when my mum saw; I ran into a door and broke my jaw that left my throat sore.

You annoy me like MR Capotes goat that ate the remote,
And now wears a rain coat on a speed boat.

You annoy me like the flu, when I sneezed my bogey flew in the stew but you never knew,
 I did tell your Cousin Andrew but he said not to tell you.

You annoy me like the bully named woolly,
 I was feared fully but pushed him in the trolley and now he doesn’t walk properly.

You annoy me like my bedbugs so I sleep with earplugs they give me nothing but hugs, I think it was because I used to live with litterbugs.

You annoy me like a bad smell that made me fell down the well which mad me unwell, I was hurt when I fell , I was once a male and now I’m female, look can you tell?

You annoy me like my boyfriend Jake keeps calling me beefcake I asked why, he said it’s because I smell of beefsteak now he has a headache and calls me fruitcake.

You annoy me like the plague on my teeth that makes me heath, well I did eat steal cheese and didn’t brush in a week.