Wednesday, 30 March 2011



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This isn’t the life I’m supposed to live.
Wedged in-between my dreams and reality.
Sitting on the ledge of confusion with my legs swinging in frustration.
My life is partly lived not living life to the full.
Caught up in the cross fire of my divided attention.
I lost my desire and will power to do my will on this earth.
Hauled away from the active lifestyle I possessed.
Slipped through my fingers is my vision, my vision to live amongst best and do the work I’m proud of.
Snatching my focus is the blank canvas of my ambitions, the hectic lifestyle blinds folds me.
Controlled by the perils of slothfulness I resist in their abduction lugging me to self-pity.
Held down by my obsessions and pouring sleep in my eyes.
Stared at by judge full eyes, knocking me out of my self-esteem, the confidence I need to climb the wall of success.
I’ve hidden my beauty now I want it to shine, to show the hard work and compassion I yearn for.