Thursday, 31 March 2011



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Would it be weird if I smelt a bear that let of wind that made me high and saw a pig fly by or had a sty in my eye? And then I poisoned you with rye and you were still alive or if my name was Clive and I was born and raised in a beehive?

Would it be weird if I snogged a prince that turned into a frog, or if I said my future ex-lover was a model in a catalogue? And if my whole life was written on a analogue by a ball dog?

Would it be weird if I could bend a spoon with my heart instead of my mind and if love was a drug and everybody gave it a try or if men really didn’t cry?

Would it be weird if I was invisible but tried to hide and told lies to keep my pride and said my husband was name Clyde, or if I said that I saw something that made me cockeyed?

Would it be weird if every time I breathe it made your nose bleed and ran knocked-kneed in a stampede?
Or if I said I liked watching bacteria breed or if I didn’t smoke but chocked on weed?