Monday, 21 January 2013



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A worry sat on a ledge of insecurities and judged me with its never-ending howling in the most sweetest voice hiding behind a wall. Holding the hands of fear, laughing as I got near.
A dozen pictures rest but my minds hardly clear, I stand still waiting for the muzzle to appear, From its grin! Wishing to move the unsightly horrid smear upon the face of fear.
I know I shouldn't care but it’s the false reply I hold dear.  

With a beady eye and a half a grin
Its a bunch a thoughts I had to let in
The ones that confuse you to sit upon a sin
The ones that trouble you to bring a hand that is always on a cling.      
It feels like a splinter on a feathered wing 
Soft and warm but you know it could sting
But when, each second is one bottle in the bin, and two is a ping.
Its the terrible thought I let in.
Is it a worry or is it fear, its the stupid grin....

I can't get over 
My beating of my heart is lower
I know the time can't get any slower
The whirlwind in my mind can't get any colder
Its me, my mind, my soul, my spirit, my body and I still feel like a loner.
The warmth is cold, my breath is colder
It may grow until I'm older
It’s my head resting on a abandoned shoulder.
One voice two voices couldn't get any louder

In my head
Sleeping on a bedless bed
Sowing my covers with a needle-less thread
But my emotion and actions are always left unread.
The weak stones seem to attract more treads

It’s my mind, my thoughts, my brain, 
Conflicting as my pain
Its fear playing me at my own game
I try blank the desires to keep me sane
Caressing its satisfied ego with the battles and unspoken conversation leaking in my brain.
Like rubbing a needle on a dried up stain      
While resting on my curved frame
The situation how did it came...

To scream but never let out a shout
Its a feeling I could live without

Comfort released from a squeezed fist 
To think of nothing is what I miss
I overwrote, the words are within words on two by two inch list.
Remembering the mocking like receiving a unforgiving kiss and feeling my heart twist. 
What if only you can hear that silent hiss.
The unrealised truth gave me eyes to view reality but In my visions I gave its leg and arm a twiss. Dismiss
Words and loved voices are hurt because my ears decided to give it a miss.    

Like being trapped in a hourglass with unrefined glass, counting the time as it past.
My eyes watched without blinking 
A caller unknown but the tone its sinking
Half of the time I don't know what I'm really thinking.
But should I trust my left hand and drink from the same cup, I'm always drinking

Two glasses that stand side by side,  
One holds the truth and the other lied
If I didn't move the blindfold in time My soul could of died
There's water upon my cheeks but I know I never cried.

A conscience sat on the edge of reason and judged me for the fool I am
To snap out of it, I don't know if I can    
My mind was running But my legs never ran.
Two pens wrote my future as a undirected plan.
Tell me I'm not as confused as I think I am.