Monday, 4 April 2011



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God help me to meditate with you.
Guide me through the stages of relaxing my inner thinking.
Hold my hands and travel with me lord.
Redeem me from my chaotic thoughts.

I’m here because, you called on me.
I hear your heart with your prayers.
I’m here to guide you to the peace in your heart.
And focus that peace to your mind.
Take my hand and come with me.
You’re sitting in a tranquil meditation position undisturbed by others.  
I will guide you to the meditation session.
Think of my words, hear nothing and close your eyes, 
Relax your mind and breathe gently.
And glorify my name.

I give thanks to you god for the breath i take, the extraordinary pair of lungs that is a genuine blessing.
I thank you god for awaken my mind to the possibilities.
I thank you god for the water, you cleansed me with and for every second i pray. unconsciously thanking you.
You are praiseworthy; i honour you for taking me through life journey.
I thank you god for this food i am about to receive and making my journey to work safe.
Making my day a pleasant,  
Thank you god for bringing me home safe to my delightful and precious children.
I thank you god for this accommodation the place i can lay my head and give praise to you amen.