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The poor rich man
Lives in the world in lavishness, closed in the world of comfort
Not seeing through the window of many suffering in the real world
Selfish ate him whole and all his sees is himself now he eats in greed
He is rich in himself and poor at heart, you can’t take your wealth to the grave
Circled in a crowd of snobbish behavior but hugged by emptiness
Sits there with is his soul half eaten counting his money with the smile of immorality
He walks in the shoes of arrogance stepping on the poverty-stricken
He thinks the unprivileged is beneath him, laughing unconsciously, wiping his feet in vain.

The sky darkened, as the grey clouds stirred towards the poor rich man’s mansion
A large black bird flew on his window seal, walked silently towards the poor hearted mans bed
The bird sees the man sleeping in restfulness
The man woke up with fear to see the bird with a life sized shadow of a man
How can this be, you’re the one in my dreams I can’t dream of anything else but you
What do you want with me? He said anxiously
‘Change’ the man shocked as he heard the deep voice of a man coming from the bird’s mouth
I’m the spirit of death said the big black bird
I’ve watched you through the window you refuse to look through, so I sit at the window of truth
I’ve listened to the mockery you see as your joy to your soul, laughing in offence, so I listened to your soul scream in silence.
I’ve seen you sit upon the height of your wicked ways, taking the empty cold seat next to me, so I impel you off the stool of your happiness
I’ve watched you commit blasphemy towards the ones who are rich in heart and poor in themselves
‘’It’s just the way I am I can’t change the way I am, born this way and I shall die this way, I’m not afraid of no man with lost bodies, I’m a rich man with strength and power, how dare you come in my home tell me what I already know, death your beneath me, I will not listen to your foolish talk said the poor rich man
I’ll cover you in a cloak of sickness, replenish your ways or I will bring forth your last days
I’ll give you seven days to amend your crooked ways or I death and six other spirits will come knocking
The days had passed by and the poor rich man repudiated to abide by the law that was set before him,
Death taped at his window bringing with him a cloak and flew through the window of the poor rich man’s bed room, as he laid in a shallow sleep, woken up by the flattering wings of the bird, the man laughed it is you foolish one, a figure of my imagination, a confused soul, a torment weakening at the pity of me.
Call it as you may I’m here to leave punishment for your sins, the sins you refuge to remove, the man laughed.
Laugh no more, a small black bird with red on its wing flew, not a sound in his entrance, landed on the bed, the poor rich man saw this bird had a shadow of an angel, This spirit is called silence said death; he will eradicate your voice, talk no more you shall
The bird turned into an angel that had no mouth and touched the cloak and disappeared
A blue winged black bird appeared at the window seal flew on the floor in the middle of the room, transformed into a spirit of sorrow, the weeping spirit touched the clock and disappeared
The third spirit walks through the wall besides the bed walking as he had the whole world on his back, too fail to walk, touched the cloak and vanished
Are you not scared, said death I stand corrected, and it’s nothing but twisted fantasy to get me to change the poor rich man said lying against pillows in amusement, he trembled as he heard the screaming from the spirit of pain, floating below the ceiling screaming, I saved the best till last said death, pain touched the cloak and left.
Death picked up the cloak and rested it on the man’s back as it disappeared, I cover your soul with this cloak this is your last days of sickness, any last words before it steals your voice
‘It hurts like a million knifes inside, a pressure on my chest and a weight on my back
Burning blaze in my mind, a cold fire circulates my body, my heart is dying
I take back what I said as he was about to apologies his voice went still, death said I’ve selected these spirits especially for you, I will return to take you soul from your diseased body, the man laid in bed in total agony for the rest of his dying days.